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Family Resources

See how your whole family can join the movement to end slavery in our lifetime.

Bring your whole family into the heroic movement to end slavery in our lifetime

These resources will help your child begin to understand modern day slavery. We encourage you to watch and read through the stories of Esther, Mallesh, Arul and Pachayamma, below, and think about the questions your child might ask.

As your son or daughter experiences these stories they will learn that nearly one in every four people trapped in slavery is a child — someone who also longs to laugh and play, sing and learn.

It’s probable that your child will want to do something to help end slavery. Please encourage that! Taking action will help your son or daughter understand that children can help make the world a better place.

Meet Arul and Pachiayammal

IJM was able to find survivors like Arul and Pachaiyammal who have now not only become survivors, but real-life heroes who have joined us to find those still hidden.

Read their story:

Story Pack

Meet Esther

Esther was forced to work on Lake Volta in Ghana for 10 years of her childhood, until IJM found and rescued her.

Meet Mallesh

Mallesh was enslaved on a rose farm for five years. He picked flowers until his tiny fingers bled. Today he is thriving and free. But no one should be trapped in slavery producing products that we consume every day.

What is slavery?

When children and families are ‘owned’ by another person, it is called slavery. These people are forced to work for the 'slave owner', doing whatever they are told to do. Human slavery used to be allowed, but it is now illegal all over the world.

But, even though it’s illegal, there are more people trapped in slavery today than ever before.

At IJM, we think we should do something to help families and children who are trapped in slavery. We think it’s so sad and wrong that children can’t go to school, or have access to medical care, or have freedom to play.

Did you know that whether you are big or small, loud or quiet, your voice can be powerful and can make a difference?

YOU are invited to join us in using your voice to bring freedom!

As a child, you might think that one person can’t make much of a difference when it comes to the big issues of injustice, like slavery.

But consider Roddy who set up a lemonade stand to raise money to help rescue people in slavery, and then spoke to his class and his church to educate them about this issue; or think about Harris who had his hair cut and donated what would have been spent at the hairdresser to IJM; and remember Zac and Lucia who wrote letters to their favourite chocolate companies to ask them to eliminate slavery from their supply chains.

Write a Letter or Postcard of Hope

Now you've met some of the children who IJM have worked with, we would love you to write a letter to children just like them.

Writing a letter is a great way of showing these children that they are seen, valued and loved.

Step 1: Choose which region you would like to write to a child in:

  • Ghana (where Esther lives)
  • South Asia (where Mallesh lives)

Step 2: You can download the image below to write your note onto (if you don’t have a printer you can just use some plain paper).

Step 3: Write your letter/postcard of hope.

Here are some things that you might want to include:

  • Start by sharing your name, age, where you live and any other details about yourself you would like to include. You could include a photo.
  • You could tell them about your favourite game, and perhaps explain how you play it.
  • You could ask them what their names is, how old they are, and what they like doing?
  • You could say that you are praying for them, and write down some of your prayers. You could even share some Bible verses with them.
  • You could draw a picture for them.

Step 4: post your letter to the following address:

PO Box 12251

On your letter, please mark which country you would like the letter to go to, and indicate if you are happy for the letter to be shared on IJM public sites.

More activities

Family Storybook Time

Are you sitting comfortably? Let's begin with this storybook of how one girl's bravery brings rescue from slavery.

Read "Drops Join Together"

Read Storybook
You Can Send Rescue Today.

When you give a gift today, you’ll be fighting slavery, violence, and injustice across the globe. Together, we can end slavery in our lifetime.

You can make the most impact as a Freedom Partner today.

Your generous monthly support will send rescue to vulnerable children and families at a moment’s notice, stand with them as they rebuild their lives in freedom and see their abusers in court.


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