Just Cook

What would you normally be spending eating out? Cook and work out how much you've saved 'eating in' compared to the same meal 'eating out', and donate the difference to IJM! Share the recipe with us, and nominate 5 friends to do the same. And why not get together on Zoom and it could even feel like a dinner party...

1. Cook a meal & share recipe online

2. Donate the difference (as to what you would have spent in a restaurant)

3. Nominate - 5 people

Here's some ideas for your cooking extravaganza - investigate and share about the supply chains of one of your ingredients (learn more about the #SlaveFree movement here)

- Let one of our IJM offices inspire your cooking! i.e. you could cook a South Asian meal and share one of our stories of rescue (see here) from Social Asia over dinner!

- Set yourself the challenge to use up what's in your #LockdownCupboards