Fashion for Freedom

Fashion for Freedom is a clothes swap event – free your wardrobe of clothes you don’t wear and fundraise for IJM. Let’s use Fashion for Freedom!

Do you love fashion, and want to be part of making it more sustainable? Do you want to help bring freedom to those held in slavery?

Fashion for Freedom is a flexible Clothes Swap event, that can take place in person, where possible, or online! Here’s how it works:

Fashion for Freedom events are a platform to celebrate how how fashion can be used for good, whilst acknowledging the industry's dark side, and inspiring each other through the work of ethical brands and the consumer power we each have.

1. Gather your friends and swap clothes

2. Raise awareness of the 25 million trapped in forced labour slavery

3. Fundraise to help IJM stop slavery at source

Use Fashion for Freedom, and help IJM end slavery for good!

Why not host an online clothes swap? Read our tips and more in the Handbook

To host a Fashion for Freedom event or read the 'how-to' guide click here