1. Choose differently

Did you know that your clothes could have been made by someone trapped in slavery? Find out how you can help stop fast fashion.

Nobody should be trapped in slavery so that we can buy cheap clothes. You can make small changes to help make sure people aren’t exploited:

Download apps like Good On You (goodonyou.eco/app) so that you can check which brands are committed to stopping slavery.

Ask the brands you love what actions they’re taking to stop slavery and exploitation in their supply chains. You can use a template we’ve already written for you: IJMUK.org/buy-ethically

Buy from brands that are taking steps to stop slavery and exploitation - like Yes Friends. Or simply choose to buy more second-hand clothes and refuse to support fast fashion.

Looking for a new wardrobe?

Organise a Fashion for Freedom:

Run a clothes swap and fundraise to help stop slavery in the fashion industry. Download your pack here >>