Shut down cybersex trafficking

Slavery and freedom are in the power of your phone.

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streamed sexual abuse of children viewed over the internet. It’s brutal.
And it’s growing at an alarming rate, fuelled by the behaviour of Westerners, including people from the UK.

These children don’t get to say ‘no’. But you do.

This fight needs you!

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Give the issue of cybersex trafficking the visibility it desperately needs. Don’t have your sticker yet?

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Step 2

The #NotOnMyScreen conversation needs your voice. Victims of cybersex trafficking are often young children.

They don’t get to say ‘no’. But you do.

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Learn more about the issue and how IJM is combatting cybersex trafficking.

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What is #NotOnMyScreen?



victims rescued from ‘traditional’ trafficking


reduction of minors available for sex across 3 Philippine cities


victims already rescued from this new abuse in less than a year

The Internet Watch Foundation is the UK’s national helpline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. If you are concerned about a child being sexually abused on the internet, or an individual using such material, report it.