Interning at IJM is more than a day job. It’s a unique opportunity for graduates and young professionals to develop skills, be challenged and contribute to the work of ending everyday violence in a practical way. At IJM, interns are an essential part of the team and play a vital role in helping to expand the mission.

There are Currently No Open Internships

Due to the evolving needs of the office, specific positions and job descriptions at IJM UK are subject to change, and may vary as to their start dates. Unfortunately, applications for all of our current positions are currently closed. Please check back in February 2018 as the following positions may be offered:

Church Relations
Event and Supporter Relations
Student and Volunteer Relations
Regional Development for Northern Ireland
Regional Development for Scotland
Regional Development (General)
Summer Internship


Is an internship at IJM UK right for you?

Candidates must demonstrate that they:

  • Have completed an undergraduate degree, or at least three years of a four-year degree*
  • Have a passionate heart for justice and the work of IJM
  • Subscribe to the Apostle's Creed (why is this necessary?)
  • Can commit to the internship for 9 to 12 months*
  • Can fund the cost of an internship. Expenses up to £250 per month may be covered, but all remaining costs must be self-funded
  • Agree to attend a mandatory training week at IJM's Headquarters in Washington D.C, prior to starting*
  • Have experience of living overseas, if not from the UK
  • Are able to work from home in the UK if applying for the General Regional Development Internship
* Not applicable for summer internships.

"What an incredible opportunity! From my first day in the office, I felt like more than an intern – I was an integral part of a team that is making a massive difference in our world."

- Anna Morales, IJM UK Community Relations Intern