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Join the movement to #EndHumanTrafficking

Today, more people are trafficked than ever before.
Yet, human trafficking is more stoppable than ever.

Right now, the brutal human trafficking industry is trading in children, women and men – and it’s generating a staggering $150 billion a year. The pandemic means that even more people are vulnerable to being trafficked, abused and exploited.

A collaborative movement led by survivors will see breakthrough. The movement is building, it’s getting stronger.

Will you be part of it?

‘We have power as survivors,'

...We talk to victims, and we talk to the government who intervene. We bridge this gap and tell the truth about what is happening. This is collective strength’. Pachaiyammal Arul, Founding Member of Global Survivor Network

Here are five reasons to be hopeful that we can #EndHumanTrafficking.

1. ‘A survivor led movement will change the world’ – Global Survivor Network

All over the world, survivors are joining together to advocate for an end to trafficking.

From the Global Survivor Network, which is shaping global opinion, policy and programming, to new local survivor communities these groups are having a powerful impact. Listening to and learning from people with lived experience is vital to creating lasting change.

In Ghana, IJM supported the launch a new local survivor network. The President – Hope – is passionate about stopping future generations of children from experiencing trafficking and exploitation. They are already engaging with police and local communities to catalyse change.

Watch the video Now >>

2. More traffickers are being brought to justice every year

Every year, more traffickers and abusers are being held to account for their crimes.

We’ve even seen states who previously said that trafficking and slavery didn’t exist declare that they are going to stop it for good. Around the world, IJM teams have seen trafficking decrease by up to 86% in places where we’ve worked.

Survivors are playing a key role in helping end human trafficking. In South Asia, the recent rescue of four trafficking victims (pictured) who shared evidence with police led to the arrest of four traffickers – one of whom was on the police's "most wanted” list for over five years. Authorities believe this arrest could assist in disrupting more trafficking networks in the future.

3. IJM is seeing more people brought to safety

In the last year, in spite of the challenges, thanks to the support of people like you, IJM teams, partners and law enforcement have brought over 8,000 people to safety from trafficking and violence – more than ever before.

Recently, four children and one adult have been rescued from online sexual exploitation in police-supported operations in the Philippines. Two suspects were arrested and held to account for online sexual exploitation and trafficking crimes.

Learn more >>

4. Justice systems are being strengthened

When effective laws against trafficking and exploitation are created and upheld, we see reductions in trafficking and more people protected so that they are never abused in the first place.

New mandatory human rights laws are on the horizon in Germany and Norway which will require companies to give greater protection for workers around the world from the threat of trafficking and exploitation. In the UK, new online safety legislation is being drafted which could help increase protections for children from online sexual exploitation.

Effective policy and programme responses are key to stopping trafficking. Learn more from global survivor network leaders about what countries can do to prevent violent crime like trafficking.


5. More anti-trafficking partnerships are being formed

Recently, IJM and the United Nations hosted a joint webinar to improve legal representation for victims of trafficking across the Latin America region.

Coalitions against trafficking and exploitation are growing and seeing success in changing laws and practices.

Around the world, IJM and local survivor networks are increasingly working in partnership with organisations and authorities to help end trafficking.

Find out more >>

Today, can you take the next step to #EndHumanTrafficking?

You Can Help Send Rescue Today.

When you give a gift today, you’ll be fighting slavery, violence, and injustice across the globe. Together, we can end slavery and violence in our lifetime.

You can make the most impact as a Freedom Partner today.

Your generous monthly support will help send rescue to vulnerable children and families at a moment’s notice, stand with them as they rebuild their lives in freedom and have perpetrators held accountable.


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