This FAQ section deals with UK specific questions and the work of IJM UK. Please refer to the website of IJM’s headquarters to view the comprehensive FAQ section. It comprises questions about International Justice Mission in general as well as category specific (Casework, Careers, Fundraising, Internships & Fellowships, Giving) questions.

Does IJM take on casework in the UK?

IJM does not carry out casework in the UK. IJM is committed to its mission of making under-functioning public justice systems work for the poor in the developing world. Though injustice certainly exists in the UK and developed world, we nevertheless benefit from a mature legal system that generally provides effective redress for abuse. This is not the case for IJM’s clients in the developing world.

I am a British lawyer and would like to help with the work of IJM. What can I do?

Although IJM's casework usually requires specialized legal and investigative skills, we often encounter projects that are ideal for volunteer professional assistance. You can read more about volunteer and employment opportunities on the headquarters website. In the past, IJM has received pro bono assistance from law firms willing to contribute their services for casework. For more information on having your law firm partner with IJM in casework, please contact Terry Tennens at terry.tennens@ijmuk.org.

Do British lawyers represent clients in court overseas?

In most of the countries where IJM works, British lawyers cannot represent clients in court. IJM employees who are members of that country’s Bar Association advocate on behalf of the victims. Over 90% of IJM’s staff around the world are nationals of the countries in which they work, sensitive to the particular needs of their communities.

Can I interview an IJM UK staff member?

IJM UK staff are available for media interviews, but due to high demand, we may be limited in the extent to which we are able to provide interviews for student research projects or general information about the work.

You are a faith-based organisation. What does that mean?

In the tradition of abolitionist William Wilberforce and transformational leaders like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King, Jr., IJM’s work is founded on the Christian call to justice articulated in the Bible (Isaiah 1:17): Seek justice, protect the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow. IJM’s staff members are Christians from a variety of traditions who are motivated by this call to seek justice for the oppressed. We find strength and encouragement in sharing a spiritual life together. We provide assistance to victims of injustice regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnicity, or gender, and are grateful for the support of all people of good will.

Can IJM UK help me plan my fundraising event?

IJM UK will need to review the plan you have for an event before we can determine the extent to which we can provide assistance. On the whole, IJM UK can certainly answer questions and resource you. To discuss your event and explore how IJM UK may be able to assist you in further ways please contact us at contact@ijmuk.org

How can I apply for an IJM UK Internship?

If you are a graduate with the necessary attributes to serve as an intern, and would like to consider applying for a position then please email admin@ijmuk.org so that we can provide advice before guiding you through the application procedure given on the internship page

How can I be sure you are investing my support wisely?

An all-volunteer Board of Directors sets policies and procedures and monitors the budget and expenditures. IJM UK reports annually to Companies House and the Charity Commission of all our activities.

Where do you get your funding?

IJM UK is funded by individuals, foundations, churches and grants.

What if I want to support a specific area of the world or a specific kind of casework?

IJM UK deploys its resources in a manner that will be most effective for achieving its goals. Because IJM UK is an evolving office and also, because rapid changes in global circumstances can suddenly change the needs in a particular area, we are able to work most effectively with unrestricted funds. However, if you have a specific interest in the work of one IJM project, you can direct your gift to a specific region by including a note with your contribution.

Can I make a Gift Aid declaration on my financial gift?

Yes. IJM UK is a registered charity (Charity No: 1099126). If you are a taxpayer, then your gift can be increased by 25 percent by making a Gift Aid declaration.

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