12 Feb 2014

Nairobi, KenyaNAIROBI, KENYA - One little girl's brave decision to speak up about her abuse has helped a Kenyan court put a rapist in jail for life. Safe from the neighbour who attacked her, Muthoni* is now healing and becoming herself once again.

Terrifying Abuse from a Neighbour

06 Feb 2014

Manila, the PhilippinesMANILA, THE PHILIPPINES - IJM helped rescue young women who were being sold for sex and exploited at a rooftop bar in Manila. Four of the survivors - including a 15-year-old girl - are from Samar, a very impoverished province in the Philippines.

06 Feb 2014

Mumbai, IndiaMUMBAI, INDIA - Two brothel keepers were recently convicted in a special court set up for human trafficking cases in Mumbai. The judge sentenced each trafficker to three years in prison and ordered the brothel permanently closed.

04 Feb 2014

LBolivia A PAZ, BOLIVIA - Central Plaza is always a hub of activity. Food vendors and street performers vie for the attention of Bolivian families and tourists alike.

04 Feb 2014

Rhona and her daughtersLUSAKA, ZAMBIA - Rhona was devastated when a powerful relative stole everything her ex-husband had left to support their two daughters. The theft left her impoverished family struggling for more than a decade on their own - unaided by local authorities - until a team from IJM Zambia came to help.

04 Feb 2014

Mumbai, IndiaMUMBAI, INDIA - IJM discovered that a young woman was being held in a brothel and exploited by two to three customers a day. She told IJM she has two children back home in another state, and she had been in the brothel for about six months. When IJM presented the evidence to police, the unit mobilised quickly to rescue her from the brothel. 

30 Jan 2014

Manila, The PhilippinesMANILA, THE PHILIPPINES - Two men were convicted this week in Manila and sentenced to at least 20 years in prison for raping a young girl named Gwen.*  The assaults started when Gwen was 9 years old and lasted a few years. The perpetrators are her uncle and cousin, underscoring the violence with betrayal and pain.

29 Jan 2014

Mumbai, IndiaMUMBAI, INDIA - In their first anti-trafficking operation of the year, IJM Mumbai helped police rescue two young women from one of the oldest and most notorious red-light districts in India.

28 Jan 2014

Massage ParlourPHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - IJM assisted police with an anti-trafficking operation at a massage parlour on 20th January, 2014. Girls were apparently being sold to customers for sex on site, and two of the young women rescued that night are now at an aftercare shelter that will provide crisis care and assess their long-term needs.

28 Jan 2014

Property Grabbing Prevention Police Officer & DeskKAMPALA, UGANDA - For the first time in its history, Uganda's police force has deployed a specialised team of investigators with the resources, training and mandate to respond to property grabbing crimes.


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