18 Oct 2013

Kolkata MapMala* was 16 years old when IJM first met her. She had been trapped in one of Kolkata's infamous red-light districts for nearly a year, and she had lost hope of any escape.

"There are only two ways to get out of this brothel," Mala said: "You either get sold to another brothel, or you die. Those are the only two ways." 

07 Oct 2013

Kigali, RwandaKIGALI, RWANDA - IJM helped to secure the conviction of a Rwandan man for sexually assaulting 14-year-old Josette* in their neighbourhood. The judge delivered a strong sentence of 20 years to make sure this man cannot hurt other girls again.

01 Oct 2013

Charito* and Gary HaugenCharito* is a strong young woman, known for her quick smile and bright eyes by her friends and the IJM social workers who have walked with her since 2007. She is also known for her perseverance and hard work. Today Charito is finishing up her social work degree, eager to graduate from university so she can help others.

30 Sep 2013

La Paz, BoliviaLA PAZ, BOLIVIA – Last week, a man who was caught in the act of rapi

25 Sep 2013

Cebu, PhilippinesCEBU, THE PHILIPPINES - IJM helped anti-trafficking police rescue three sisters - the youngest only 2 years old - from their home, where they were being sexually abused in videos broadcasted online. The police arrested and charged the mother and father under the Philippines' anti-trafficking law.

13 Sep 2013

JaneNAIROBI, KENYA - This week, Kenya's Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) made history, releasing a first-of-its kind study that exposes a stunning reality: In nearly two-thirds of felony cases reviewed, men and women had been tried for crimes even though law enforcement had not gathered enough evidence to even charge them.

12 Sep 2013

Kenya Map

NAIROBI, KENYA - Late last week, IJM Kenya secured the conviction of a school headmaster found guilty of sexually abusing a student under his care. The guilty verdict stunned the courtroom - a surprise conviction in a case where it appeared everything was stacked against his young victim.

05 Sep 2013

Mumbai, India MapMUMBAI, INDIA - For the past seven years, IJM and other anti-trafficking organizations have been trying to rescue girls from one notorious brothel in a massive red-light district in Mumbai. Due to high levels of sophisticated crime in the area, these attempts have failed time and time again.

02 Sep 2013

Bangalore, India MapBANGALORE, INDIA - Twenty-eight people were rescued on Monday from a massive construction site in Bangalore, marking the beginning of freedom.


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