30 Apr 2014

Nairobi, KenyaNAIROBI, KENYA - Verity's* mother immediately sensed something was wrong. Just home from the market, she found her 7-year-old clutching a small coin, terrified.

25 Apr 2014

Bar where girls were rescuedPAMPANGA, PHILIPPINES - On Easter Sunday, girls who had been routinely trafficked and exploited woke up in freedom. Their rescue came about thanks to a committed police unit and a band of IJM staff members.

23 Apr 2014

Kolkata, IndiaKOLKATA, INDIA - On a Friday in early February, a small team of determined IJM staff set out looking for a 16- or 17-year old girl in one of Kolkata's massive red-light districts. They had just learned about this girl, named Rukmini,* and only had one photograph to guide them - and it wasn't even a photo of Rukmini.

21 Apr 2014

Apartment BuildingKOLKATA, INDIA - Last week, IJM helped police conduct an anti-trafficking operation.

16 Apr 2014

Mumbai, IndiaMUMBAI, INDIA - On Saturday, IJM helped police conduct two sex trafficking rescue operations in two different brothels located in the same building. One of the trafficking victims rescued in the operation had been identified by IJM earlier this year, but she had been transferred to another brothel before they could mobilise a rescue.

14 Apr 2014

Children set freeBANGALORE, INDIA - Last week, after a nearly four-year trial, a slave owner was convicted and sentenced to a total of seven years in prison. That's the longest sentence ever recorded for holding slaves in India.

14 Apr 2014

RescuedCHENNAI, INDIA - On Thursday, 10th April, sixteen people were rescued from a life of slavery in a brick factory.

11 Apr 2014

Godfrey and FlorenceLUSAKA, ZAMBIA - Godfrey was only a toddler when his life's struggles began.

After his parents died, he was neglected by relatives for years. Later, Godfrey was kicked out of the little home his parents intended for him to live in, leaving him homeless and desperate.

11 Apr 2014

Brigitte & IJM Rwanda Director of AftercareKIGALI, RWANDA - Brigitte takes a deep breath and smiles as she speaks. Always warm and quick to laugh, it's clear she loves what she does. As a social worker with IJM Rwanda, Brigitte helps children and their families process trauma and find restoration after sexual violence.

10 Apr 2014

Angelita* at HerSpaceTwo years ago, Angelita* was rescued from a karaoke bar where she had been trafficked and sold for sex at just 14 years old.


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