11 Mar 2014

Nairobi, KenyaNAIROBI, KENYA - It took great bravery for Stephany* to speak up against her father after a brutal rape, but the young girl's courage has helped to keep her family safe. This week, IJM Kenya helped to secure her father's conviction, and he was sent to prison for life.

11 Mar 2014

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - Eight years after a retired U.S. Marine was arrested and charged for systematically and sadistically abusing young children in Cambodia, he has been found guilty and sentenced to 210 years in prison.

10 Mar 2014

Makeshift tentsCHENNAI, INDIA - Last week IJM helped rescue families that had been enslaved for about six years. Eleven adults and a 15-year-old boy were forced to work in the woodcutting operation; the small children were growing up in this life of slavery, with no hope of another future in sight.

27 Feb 2014

ThumbprintsDELHI, INDIA - On the second day of the new year, IJM helped rescue 33 people from a life of slavery in a brick factory. Twenty-eight people, including children as young as 5, received release certificates that emancipate them from slavery.

The rescue operation was the first of the year for IJM - and it was the first ever for IJM Delhi.

27 Feb 2014

Irene CelebratingLUSAKA, ZAMBIA - Irene feared she would never win back the land her uncle stole from her family years ago. But with the support of IJM Zambia and a special friendship with her IJM social worker, Irene is now able to celebrate this week that her rights are finally restored.

Left Struggling by Her Uncle's Greed

26 Feb 2014

Pampanga, the PhilippinesPAMPANGA, PHILIPPINES - As Typhoon Nari bore down on the Philippines this fall, the destruction made global headlines. But far below the headlines, another drama was playing out against the background of the torrential downpour and power outages.

26 Feb 2014

MUMBAI, INDIA - A four-and-a-half year battle finally came to an end in a Mumbai courtroom on 6th January, 2014: Two brothel managers and three pimps were found guilty of selling minors for sex. It was a long-awaited victory for the IJM team seeking justice for girls who had been trafficked years ago.

20 Feb 2014

BANGALORE, INDIA - Nearly 40 people from one of India's poorest states were recently rescued from a brick factory just outside Bangalore. They said a man had come to their village and offered them jobs and the money to pay for their travel across state borders. When the families arrived at the brick factory, they quickly realised they had been tricked. They were trapped at the factory as forced labour slaves. 

Twenty-Hour Days, No Escape

13 Feb 2014

Watching Story at HerSpaceCEBU, THE PHILIPPINES - In a covert sting operation on Friday night, IJM helped anti-trafficking police rescue a boy and several young women, including three 16-year-old girls. The pimp who had arranged the sale was arrested and is now facing sex trafficking charges. 

12 Feb 2014

Nairobi, KenyaNAIROBI, KENYA - One little girl's brave decision to speak up about her abuse has helped a Kenyan court put a rapist in jail for life. Safe from the neighbour who attacked her, Muthoni* is now healing and becoming herself once again.

Terrifying Abuse from a Neighbour


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