26 Sep 2014

property grabbing in uganda dividesfamiliesKAMPALA, UGANDA - A battle that has lasted nearly as long as Charles has been alive is ending soon: This week, a man and woman were arrested and charged for stealing and selling off land that should belong to Charles, now 19, and his two orphaned siblings.

26 Sep 2014

MUMBAI, INDIA - Getting inside the brothel is the first challenge: A manager sits outside a locked gate and screens customers. When the creaky gate collapses open, a thick curtain blocks anyone from seeing inside.

 When a team of Mumbai police and IJM staff entered the brothel on Saturday afternoon, the place was eerily quiet. This was not the first time they had been here. IJM has helped police rescue girls from brothels in this same building five times over four years.

17 Sep 2014

CHIANG MAI - A group of Thai citizens recently celebrated their new freedoms, though they have lived in Thailand for generations, many have just recently been recognised as citizens. The event was not an official national holiday, but hundreds showed up to celebrate.

16 Sep 2014
A former slave turned actor helps spread the word about modern-day slavery through innovative street theater performance

awareness about slavery

15 Sep 2014

In recent years, IJM has helped to rescue thousands of people from slavery. But through IJM's growing expertise, we are now addressing slavery in other, new industries. This year, IJM is continuing to draw on its experience and expand this work by opening a new office in Ghana.

20 Aug 2014

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – This month, three young women in the Philippines were honored through a local court’s ruling: The man and woman who had trafficked them were convicted for exploiting the girls in a bar that operated as a brothel.


fastest operation-5

13 Aug 2014

Gary Haugen visits GuatemalaGUATEMALA CITY - The Vice President of Guatemala, IJM President Gary Haugen, and other top Guatemalan officials signed an historic agreement on 12th August, which will allow IJM to train Guatemalan national police on protecting children from sexual assault.

04 Aug 2014

Lana*LA PAZ, BOLIVIA - Earlier this year, 7-year-old Lana* and her brother went with their mother to have lunch at a friend's house. While the mothers took a walk around the neighbourhood, the friend's uncle agreed to watch the children. 

04 Aug 2014

Kolkata, IndiaKOLKATA, INDIA - Five years after they were rescued from a brothel outside Kolkata, five young women travelled from Nepal back to India to tell their story. Their brave decision to participate in the trial against their trafficker and make the cross-border journey underscores their courage and commitment to seeking justice.

19 Jul 2014

Official speaking with the boysBANGALORE, INDIA - Four boys were rescued from slavery on a rose farm located just a few hours from the highly industrialised city of Bangalore. Two of the boys are brothers, and they had been trapped for five years. The youngest was only 9 years old.

Child Slaves, Beaten for Making Mistakes


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