11 Mar 2015

On Wednesday 11th March, IJM met with representatives from a range of organisations to discuss the next steps in the Stop It Together campaign.

27 Feb 2015

Indian Justice System Proves to Be More Powerful Than ‘Invincible' Brothel Owner

KOLKATA, INDIA - Seven years ago, Nakul Bera thought he was invincible. He ran two brothels with nearly 50 young women he had trafficked into a port town three hours outside Kolkata.

18 Feb 2015

25 Freed From Brick Factory Near Bangalore

BANGALORE, INDIA - Twenty-five people are now free thanks to an IJM-assisted operation on February 18. Held in forced labor slavery in a brick factory near Bangalore, the families were denied any opportunity to leave-even for medical aid.

13 Feb 2015

Rescue on a massive scale signals a paradigm shift and important leadership from state government

12 Feb 2015

CHENNAI, INDIA - Last month, a desperate father escaped from a rice mill to get medical help for his 2-year-old son with a heart condition. Because a government official heard his story and took action, three families are now free from forced labour slavery.

Trapped in a Cycle of Feardesperate-father-escapes-and-path-freedom-appears

22 Jan 2015

KOLKATA, INDIA - Six young women trafficked from Nepal into India were set free from multiple brothels in a single night last week. IJM joined an entire police department and three other NGOs on the complex operation in the city's largest red-light area.

 A Dangerous Business at the Border

21 Jan 2015

NAIROBI, KENYA - Today in Kenya, two men framed for stealing a police officer's radio were finally declared innocent. The battle in court has taken two years.

 "I have gone through a lot of agony since I got arrested and imprisoned," Collins told the IJM team fighting for his innocence. "I have seen God work through you, and he has used you to save me."  

15 Jan 2015

IJM was recognized by the British High Commission for providing outstanding support in the sexual abuse case against Simon Harris.

14 Jan 2015

GUATEMALA CITY - A Primary School headteacher has been sentenced to nearly 90 years in prison for sexually assaulting seven boys under his care. The verdict was announced on December 29, 2014, and it brought IJM's 200th trial to a close in Guatemala.

14 Jan 2015

IJM Cebu's first rescue operation of 2015: Six young women rescued from a mall where they were being trafficked


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