24 Oct 2014

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA - A three-and-a-half- year trial ended this month in Bolivia with justice for a little girl named Mona.* The trial lasted more than half the length of Mona's lifetime, and the verdict closes a very painful chapter for her family.

When Mona was just 3 years old, she was raped by her older half-brother.

Seeking Justice Despite The Odds

15 Oct 2014

Today, IJM celebrates two years of securing justice for impoverished widows and orphans in Gulu, Uganda.

IJM Fights a Life-Or-Death Battle in Gulu

12 Oct 2014

Written By: Tim Gehring, IJM Policy Manager, Government Relations

"Last Friday, Malala Yousafzai  was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy for universal girls' education. Brilliant move. Educating girls is one of the most effective poverty alleviation strategies. But unless protection from sexual violence against girls in schools is addressed the potential gains of universal girls education is at risk of being severely weakened.


09 Oct 2014

DELHI, INDIA - The smell of burnt charcoal clings to Kalappa's* skin as he speaks. He raises his eyes and looks at the government official standing in front of him. "If you hadn't rescued me, I would have died," Kalappa says.

03 Oct 2014

PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES - In just one week, IJM helped police rescue 17 girls and young women from four different bars in the Philippines. The team of IJM staff worked around the clock-nearly 100 hours-on the back-to-back operations.

03 Oct 2014

KOLKATA, INDIA - After more than 40 hours of waiting and two failed attempts, IJM helped police rescue 14 young women from a roadside brothel where they had been trapped in squalor and violence. This week is Durga Puja in India, a Hindu festival that is widely celebrated in the state of West Bengal. City populations swell as people venture in for the holiday.  Traffic grinds to a halt as carnival rides and families dressed in their best fill the streets.

29 Sep 2014

NAIROBI, KENYA - Less than ten miles from Nairobi's main city square, Kariobangi is one of its most densely-populated slums. More than 150,000 people live in a hodge-podge of high rise apartments and shanties built from corrugated metal and other scrap supplies. The marks of poverty are obvious: lack of actual roads, poor sanitation systems, communal toilets, high unemployment, and overcrowding, and the poor do not expect police to come running when they are in trouble.

26 Sep 2014

MUMBAI, INDIA - Getting inside the brothel is the first challenge: A manager sits outside a locked gate and screens customers. When the creaky gate collapses open, a thick curtain blocks anyone from seeing inside.

 When a team of Mumbai police and IJM staff entered the brothel on Saturday afternoon, the place was eerily quiet. This was not the first time they had been here. IJM has helped police rescue girls from brothels in this same building five times over four years.

26 Sep 2014

property grabbing in uganda dividesfamiliesKAMPALA, UGANDA - A battle that has lasted nearly as long as Charles has been alive is ending soon: This week, a man and woman were arrested and charged for stealing and selling off land that should belong to Charles, now 19, and his two orphaned siblings.

17 Sep 2014

CHIANG MAI - A group of Thai citizens recently celebrated their new freedoms, though they have lived in Thailand for generations, many have just recently been recognised as citizens. The event was not an official national holiday, but hundreds showed up to celebrate.


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