25 Jun 2014

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - Last week, the founder and director of a children's home in Thailand was convicted for sexually assaulting two girls under his care. The girls were 7 and 8 years old when the assaults began, and the abuse continued for more than a year.

19 Jun 2014

Open Court DayKAMPALA, UGANDA - For decades, widows and orphans in Mukono District had little hope of getting help in court when criminals violently stole their homes or land.

IJM has been working with government partners to protect them and, this year, unveiled crucial reforms to improve how local courts serve the poor.

18 Jun 2014

Fiona* was rescued before ever being abusedCEBU, THE PHILIPPINES - Seven years after IJM Cebu rescued five young women in our very first operation in the city, two traffickers have been convicted. Both pimps pled guilty, admitting that they had tried to traffic teenage girls and young women for sex.

18 Jun 2014

Kanya*PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA - Kanya* sits at a wooden table and thoughtfully chooses the color of each marker. She is drawing a picture of her new home, a one-room hut built from bamboo on tall stilts. Kanya lives with her grandfather, and the 11-year-old girl's confidence is on display as she draws.

18 Jun 2014

MaryKAMPALA, UGANDA - Mary lived on the same small plot of land in her rural village in Uganda for 50 years. It was where she raised her children, grew her family's food, and where she buried her husband when he died. As she grew older and frailer, she spent more and more of her days there, sitting in the open doorway of her one-room house.

17 Jun 2014

Urmila with ID cardAt just over five feet tall, Urmila is tiny. But on 10th April, 2014 this 75-year-old former slave stood tall as a first-time voter in the world's largest democracy. Her story was so compelling that it propelled her to the front page of the 1st May edition of one of the nation's largest newspapers, The Hindu.

06 Jun 2014

Guatemala City, GuatemalaGUATEMALA CITY - A man who offered private soccer lessons to young children was convicted in late May and sentenced to 111 years in prison for sexually abusing five boys and girls. Four of the children were siblings, including 8-year-old twin girls and two brothers, 6 and 15. The fifth boy was 9 years old.

06 Jun 2014

Vision TestsMUMBAI, INDIA - Last month, 92 young women received eye glasses for the first time, thanks to the National Association for the Blind (NAB), and with support from IJM Mumbai.

04 Jun 2014

179 people rescued from slavery!DELHI, INDIA - Yesterday, IJM helped bring freedom to 179 who had been trapped in a life of slavery inside an oppressive brick factory in India.

03 Jun 2014

"VIP" roomMANILA, THE PHILIPPINES - Last month, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescued young women from a three-story video-karaoke bar, including one 16-year-old girl. Half a dozen suspects were arrested during the operation and may face charges under the Philippines' strong anti-trafficking law.

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